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Carola Shepard ’72 Makes Swarthmore Part of Her Retirement Planning and Her Estate Plan

Carola Shepard ’72
Carola Shepard ’72

The years Carola Shepard ’72 spent at Swarthmore were among the most important of her life, inspiring her to share the annual minimum distribution from her retirement account with the College and include the school in her will.

“Swarthmore was the key experience for opening up my mind,” says Carola. “I met my best friend at Swarthmore, and I feel very fortunate to have met a group of interesting, wildly experimental people at an important time of my life — and an important time in the nation's life.”

Upon turning 70½ this year, Carola, who enjoyed careers in environmental planning and nonprofit advancement, learned that her 401(k) includes an annual required minimum distribution (RMD). She also learned that a tax-advantageous option for those funds was to make a charitable donation to Swarthmore.

“I always used to say, if I ever win the lottery, my first million will go to Swarthmore,” Carola says. “Swarthmore is always first in my thoughts about giving.”

In addition to her RMD, Swarthmore is a beneficiary in Carola’s will.

For her, Swarthmore was a place of great personal growth and excitement during a pivotal time in American history. Now, through her generosity, it can provide an equally pivotal experience for future generations.

She urges fellow alumni to make Swarthmore part of their estate plans.

“Consider what Swarthmore has meant in your life,” Carola says, adding it is best to consult a financial planner to determine the gift level that is right for you.


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